lørdag 30. oktober 2010

The new sex trend

Sex trends come and go, what is kinky loses value and becomes less forbidden.

Some years ago the coolest thing a boyfriend could do was to introduce a girl to position 69, if a guy did that he would have been the hero of the day for breaking that taboo and in that way unleashing a tidal wave of sexual potential and freedom of expression. And up until recently that was fine, but now there is a new even more naughty sextacy that women should get to enjoy!

Nom nom nom nom!

Getting their asshole licked!

The new trend that has washed ashore nowadays is the infamous ass to mouth, I am talking about us boyfriends having to face the fact: Women wanna feel the warm wet sensation of our rubbery tongue on the tight ring around her ass. If you can successfully introduce that, then your awesome!

A common perception among men is that ass has to taste bad and is filthy. After a shower the ass is even cleaner than the pussy, all kinds of things comes out from the pussy, after a good and deep clean, the ass tastes like the rest of the skin and is enjoyable to lick.

So get her naked and in doggystyle, then shove your face up tight in between her but cheeks! Enjoy her ass orally, lick it like the midst of a beauty full chocolate donut! Enjoy her feminine curved behind like it was a pile of delicious chocolate ice cream! Squeeze your face tight to her bottom and yell: AMHMMMFF!

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