lørdag 30. oktober 2010

Is this the blog for you?

Live for lulz is here to make a statement!

We all have our purposes and goals in life, there are things that you want and there are things that you need. Maybe you want to spend some time reading my blog, but you need something in return?

You may ask yourself: Can this be the blog I have been looking for? I say: Yes it can!

You may ask yourself: Will reading this inspire me? I say: yes it can!

You may even ask yourself: Can reading this blogg make my life perfect? I say: yes it can!

I have no doubt that this is a place that can be the difference that makes the difference in indifference! I think of the people surfing the cyberspace endlessly lost finding them self in a ray of light, like a sudden realisation struck them all of a sudden! And they would say to themselves:

I want to check out the Live for lulz blogg! And so it shall be that everyone finds themselves drawn to someplace safe, someplace good, where they can live for lulz!

Women and girls! I can see things ahead of you here. I can see beautyfull dresses along with the crown of a beautiful princess, I can see great friends and passionate moments! I see masculine wet bodies rising from the sea, walking towards you with that glimmer in their eye, there you are on the beach drinking something cold and refreshing in the sun. I feel massages, I sense the sensation of fun, music, the good life. High up above everyone else, in a great place.

Men and boys! I can see what lies ahead of you too here! I can see women! Lots of lots of women, they run towards you with their sexy bodies oiled and only covered in small ripped cloths! I see fast cars, expensive good looking cars, lined up outside you garage! A huge white mansion with a swimming pool. Explosions! Awesome music, chainsaws! Guns! You dominating everyone like a big strong champion boxer! And just endless amounts of sex sex sex sex sex!

That is why you would feel the need to read this blog!

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