lørdag 30. oktober 2010

Girls like girls!

Women love pussy! It is the simple truth, they love to lick it, they love to stab it and they love to rub it. But it doesn't end there, they also LOVE to do so with each other.

 If you are a female, it is most likely that this picture makes you wet.

Yepp! You heard me right, all women fantasize about having one lesbian experience at least before they die! Perhaps with their best friends, or that sexy girl in class, they could be secretly staring at her in the classroom, while in their head she is dominating her roughly with a broad strap-on! Pulling her hair back! Saying things like: Feel my huge cock stretching your pussy out, you dirty little naughty slut!

There is zero doubt in my mind that sometimes, when girlfriends get together, they do stuff! Maybe one convinces the other: Hey, let's take of all of our clothes, go to the mirror and make out naked with each other and take pictures of it and post it online! So they take their clothes of, go to the bathroom giggling and start kissing, the wet crackling sound of wet lips parting spreads in the acoustic room as the camera clicks away.

Then they run around naked to the house and upload their new pics on the net, no doubt! One girl steering in the chair the other one looking over her shoulder, I can imagine at some point, something will happen, maybe an arousing touch on the naked skin leads to more passionate kissing. Because the computer is in the bedroom!

So they have that lesbian sex, they enjoy the naughtiness and the fact this would be sexy for the man. Women love to get men exited, and from this come a natural lust to have lesbian sex, it is natural!

Now every rule has got exceptions, but if you are a girl and you are neither bi-curious or experienced with lesbian sex: Watch out! It might be someone you know, maybe even someone close to you. Like the nice innocent girl at school, that is right now, as you are reading these letters, working on a plan to seduce you into having kinky anal and vaginal love with her strap-on dildo.

She is currently masturbating away, whispering your name wanting your pussy so bad, she can taste it! Imagining her tongue sliding up and down over your clit, imagining the sensation you get when she slides her tongue all the way to your ass and thrusts her face between your legs! So watch out!

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