søndag 31. oktober 2010

I can tailor shirts

I tailor shirts! This is a picture of my first shirt:
I'll be the first to admit that this is not any good quality work! However, the shirt i am currently wokring on will be awsome. It is a tuxedo shirt!

The only things missing is the sleeves and the cuffs, then buttonholes and buttons ofcourse, but that is an easy fix, I am expecting it to be almost done by the weekend!

The question you need to ask yourself!

The question you can ask yourself is how closely is nothing related to endlessness, or to sum it up in a better way: Does the circle have no edges or endless amounts of edges? Think about that one for a month!

lørdag 30. oktober 2010

The new sex trend

Sex trends come and go, what is kinky loses value and becomes less forbidden.

Some years ago the coolest thing a boyfriend could do was to introduce a girl to position 69, if a guy did that he would have been the hero of the day for breaking that taboo and in that way unleashing a tidal wave of sexual potential and freedom of expression. And up until recently that was fine, but now there is a new even more naughty sextacy that women should get to enjoy!

Nom nom nom nom!

Getting their asshole licked!

The new trend that has washed ashore nowadays is the infamous ass to mouth, I am talking about us boyfriends having to face the fact: Women wanna feel the warm wet sensation of our rubbery tongue on the tight ring around her ass. If you can successfully introduce that, then your awesome!

A common perception among men is that ass has to taste bad and is filthy. After a shower the ass is even cleaner than the pussy, all kinds of things comes out from the pussy, after a good and deep clean, the ass tastes like the rest of the skin and is enjoyable to lick.

So get her naked and in doggystyle, then shove your face up tight in between her but cheeks! Enjoy her ass orally, lick it like the midst of a beauty full chocolate donut! Enjoy her feminine curved behind like it was a pile of delicious chocolate ice cream! Squeeze your face tight to her bottom and yell: AMHMMMFF!

Girls like girls!

Women love pussy! It is the simple truth, they love to lick it, they love to stab it and they love to rub it. But it doesn't end there, they also LOVE to do so with each other.

 If you are a female, it is most likely that this picture makes you wet.

Yepp! You heard me right, all women fantasize about having one lesbian experience at least before they die! Perhaps with their best friends, or that sexy girl in class, they could be secretly staring at her in the classroom, while in their head she is dominating her roughly with a broad strap-on! Pulling her hair back! Saying things like: Feel my huge cock stretching your pussy out, you dirty little naughty slut!

There is zero doubt in my mind that sometimes, when girlfriends get together, they do stuff! Maybe one convinces the other: Hey, let's take of all of our clothes, go to the mirror and make out naked with each other and take pictures of it and post it online! So they take their clothes of, go to the bathroom giggling and start kissing, the wet crackling sound of wet lips parting spreads in the acoustic room as the camera clicks away.

Then they run around naked to the house and upload their new pics on the net, no doubt! One girl steering in the chair the other one looking over her shoulder, I can imagine at some point, something will happen, maybe an arousing touch on the naked skin leads to more passionate kissing. Because the computer is in the bedroom!

So they have that lesbian sex, they enjoy the naughtiness and the fact this would be sexy for the man. Women love to get men exited, and from this come a natural lust to have lesbian sex, it is natural!

Now every rule has got exceptions, but if you are a girl and you are neither bi-curious or experienced with lesbian sex: Watch out! It might be someone you know, maybe even someone close to you. Like the nice innocent girl at school, that is right now, as you are reading these letters, working on a plan to seduce you into having kinky anal and vaginal love with her strap-on dildo.

She is currently masturbating away, whispering your name wanting your pussy so bad, she can taste it! Imagining her tongue sliding up and down over your clit, imagining the sensation you get when she slides her tongue all the way to your ass and thrusts her face between your legs! So watch out!

Is this the blog for you?

Live for lulz is here to make a statement!

We all have our purposes and goals in life, there are things that you want and there are things that you need. Maybe you want to spend some time reading my blog, but you need something in return?

You may ask yourself: Can this be the blog I have been looking for? I say: Yes it can!

You may ask yourself: Will reading this inspire me? I say: yes it can!

You may even ask yourself: Can reading this blogg make my life perfect? I say: yes it can!

I have no doubt that this is a place that can be the difference that makes the difference in indifference! I think of the people surfing the cyberspace endlessly lost finding them self in a ray of light, like a sudden realisation struck them all of a sudden! And they would say to themselves:

I want to check out the Live for lulz blogg! And so it shall be that everyone finds themselves drawn to someplace safe, someplace good, where they can live for lulz!

Women and girls! I can see things ahead of you here. I can see beautyfull dresses along with the crown of a beautiful princess, I can see great friends and passionate moments! I see masculine wet bodies rising from the sea, walking towards you with that glimmer in their eye, there you are on the beach drinking something cold and refreshing in the sun. I feel massages, I sense the sensation of fun, music, the good life. High up above everyone else, in a great place.

Men and boys! I can see what lies ahead of you too here! I can see women! Lots of lots of women, they run towards you with their sexy bodies oiled and only covered in small ripped cloths! I see fast cars, expensive good looking cars, lined up outside you garage! A huge white mansion with a swimming pool. Explosions! Awesome music, chainsaws! Guns! You dominating everyone like a big strong champion boxer! And just endless amounts of sex sex sex sex sex!

That is why you would feel the need to read this blog!