tirsdag 2. november 2010

Women weep! The prostitutes are here!

Dear everyone, this is prostitutes:

Now here are some ordinary women

They might seem pretty similar; they have nice thighs, beautiful long hair, feminine curves and broad hips. However, they are VERY different! One of these are will cost you shitloads of money!

I am talking about the ordinary women! Damn are they expensive!

You need to drive to the place you meet them, eat or do some trust building activity with them, give them alcohol for them to become more comfortable, this comes on top of spending all that money to have the right clothes and haircut etc.

For a nice prostitute on the other hand, all you need is money, if they can tell that you would look good naked they might even give you an discount!They have great sexual experience and are confident in fucking good! They go to the doctor regularly and don't complain if you come to fast. They don't annoy you with sticking around. They are by far better than ordinary women!

So to all you prostitutes! Keep it up! You're doing the lords work!

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