onsdag 3. november 2010

What Girl Sexbloggers Sound Like

Hello dear ladies, my dear fellow bloggers! This is what you sound like when you post about how you lost your virginity:

I remember my first time as if it was today.
I was at a party and got very drunk, I didn't feel so well so I laid down on the couch. A guy I had talked to earlier that evening came over, he was a refugee from Iran. We talked for a bit, since he was so much older I said I was 16 years old.

He was quite much older than me, he was 28yrs old and still didn't have a decent job, I had just turned 15 and came with my older sister to the party, She and her boyfriend had gone over to their apartment. I was all alone on the couch with the old iranian .

We started to make out, I remember how he was grabbing my boobs constantly. Then he started toutching my pussy, I didn't know what to say, so I just kept on playing along. A little while later I was sitting in the couch all naked, I felt vulnerable and covered my shaven pussy with my hand. He pulled of his pants, he had a hairy tanned smelly dick. "Suck me" He commanded while he held my hair with a firm grip and pressed my head between his legs.

It annoyed me how he tried again and again to push his cock in my throat, after a while he made me stand on all four on the couch, then he fucked my mouth as if it was a pussy.

He lifted me up from the couch and placed my legs on his shoulders. I was so thight, yet he forced his cock on me. It did not feel good, I remember the excrusiating pain of his fat cock cutting its way beyond me. I tried to keep calm but it hurt so bad.

He must have thought that I was moaning, because all he did was to fuck me even harder. I closed my eyes and thought of my cat, my sister and my family, something good. I felt like jesus hanging on the cross as the burning sensation never seemed to stop, I could se his cock pumping on my pussy like a jackhammer drilling through the ground.

All of a sudden he started growling like a beast and pulled his cock out. He jizzed a warm slimy goo on my stomach, I remember parts of his sperm jumping all the way to underneath my left nipple. It ran down and filled my bellybuttom.

I was greasy and dirty, I went to the bathroom to wash it of, when I came back to the livingroom he had alreasy left. I felt used, like a dirty slutty whore, I went to my sister and her boyfriends apartment. They asked me what ad happened, but I didn't anwer.

I could hardly walk the next morning and I felt sick. First time sex is the worst!

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